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Wedding Ice Sculpture

Allow us to make your’s a wedding to remember with our exquisite sculptures professionally and artistically carved from beautiful crystal clear ice.

Our design team are always delighted to offer ideas and inspiration to ensure your wedding is unique. Of course, you may have your own ideas, which we will be happy to help you develop your own ice sculpture.

We have an extensive, and ever increasing range of beautiful and competitively priced sculptures to add to your special day.

Only Global Ice Company provide the complete service from design through to delivery and installation at your wedding venue anywhere in the UK via our national distribution network.

Over many years, Global Ice Company have gained an enviable reputation throughout the industry for designing compelling, elegant and unique sculpture for that special event or wedding day.

If you have a special day coming up, this year or in the next year or two, give us a call for an informal discussion. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.

All prices inc vat.
All prices do not include delivery charges where applicable.

Part No  Sculpture  Dimension  Price  
P017 Bowl – Facetted H30cm x W55cm £35.00 
P025 Bowl – Spiral Patterned H30cm x W55cm £35.00 
P020 Bowl – With Inlay Display H30cm x W55cm £65.00 
P006 Bride and Groom H100cm x W50cm £250.00 
P064 Buddha H100cm x W50cm £350.00 
P062 Candle Holders H50cm x W50cm £295.00 
P078 Champagne Bottle H100cm x W50cm £350.00 
P050 Champagne Bucket H35cm x W25cm £35.00 
P004 Cherub – Large H75cm x W50cm £275.00 
P027 Christmas Tree H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P010 Clam Shell – Large H54cm x W74cm £175.00 
C049 Dolphin H100cm x W50cm £235.00 
P046b Dolphin Table Centres H50cm x W30cm £90.00 
C063 Elephants with entwined trunks H50cm x W100cm £325.00 
P072 Entwined Lovers H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P074 Fruit Buffet H50cm x W100cm £325.00 
P046 Globe With Frozen Display H30cm x W30cm £41.00 
P046a Globe with Frozen Display H30cm x W30cm £41.00 
P046d Globe with Frozen Display H30cm x W30cm £41.00 
P042 Gnaish Ji H100cm x W50cm £375.00 
P030 Heart With Inset Flowers H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
I003a Ice bar-Custom designed ice bar with logos to suit H 1 metre x W2.5 metre £2250.00 
P083 Ice Fountain H150cm x W50cm £450.00 
P046c Ice Pillars H50cm x W25cm £85.00 
C062 Leopard Climbing Tree H100cm x W50cm £375.00 
L040 Martini Glass and Hand H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P082a Memorable Letters H50cm x W100cm £295.00 
P033 Mermaid H100cm x W50cm £245.00 
P056 Oriental Gate H100cm x W100cm £375.00 
P055 Pacific Shell H57cm x W57cm £110.00 
P052 Pyramid H40cm x W46cm £99.00 
P039 Scallop – Small H20cm x W45cm £85.00 
P038 Scallop Open H35cm x W35cm £110.00 
P077 Shell Buffet H50cm x W100cm £325.00 
S003 Sorbet Dishes (Box of 16) H2cm x W4cm £52.00 
S003b Sorbet Dishes – Heart Shaped (Box of 16)  £52.00 
S003a Sorbet dishes – Star shape (box of 16)  £52.00 
P067 Star H100cm x W50cm £350.00 
C042 Swan – Classic (Large) H70cm x W80cm £210.00 
C044a Swan – Classic (small) H41cm x W30cm £110.00 
C042b Swan Classic and 2 Mini Classic Swans H70cm x W140cm £375.00 
C059a Swan Stylised (Large Pair ) H90cm x W140cm £320.00 
C059 Swan Stylised (Large) H90cm x W65cm £185.00 
P081 Table seating plan H100cm x W50cm £350.00 
P075 Three Tier Display H50cm x W100cm £300.00 
P073 Tropical Fish Buffet H50cm x W100cm £325.00 
P076 Two Butterflies on a Heart H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P071 Two Hearts H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P071b Two Hearts Interlocking H50cm x W100cm £295.00 
P071a Two Hearts with names engraved H100cm x W50cm £350.00 
P014 Two Lovebirds on a Heart H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P060 Two Lovebirds on an Arch H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P016 Vase H36cm x W40cm £110.00 
P051a Vase ( Large ) on Pedastel. H200cm x W60cm £470.00 
P051 Vase (Large) H60cm x W55cm £160.00 
P016a Vase – Contemporary H50cm x W30cm £95.00 
P063 Violin H100cm x W50cm £325.00 
P048 Wedding Cake H125cm x W50cm £425.00 

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