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Ice Sculpture Agents

Global Ice Limited manufacture in various parts of the world, but we are currently concentrating on our UK network. With this in mind we are keen to source agents throughout the UK, particularly Scotland, interested in supplying our products in your region.

Our product range, as you may have seen, encompasses everything to do with ice from ice cubes for a party or pub/club to magnificent sculptures at a corporate event or wedding.

We get continual requests for out of the ordinary sculptures from a Formula 1 racing car to Rolls Royce mascots.

Just think, if you wanted an ice sculpture, where would you go locally to get one. The answers pretty simple, it’s difficult. Next step, ask your friends or look around, the Internet maybe.There’s a good demand for ice and there’s not massive competition.

So where are we on the Internet Search Engines. No 1, that’s where we are on most of the majors.

Interested in joining our industry full time or part time, please use our Contact Page and send your details, or give us a call during office hours and ask for Glenn,